الموقع الرسمى للفنان السوري سهيل شعبان بدور


Shared experience brings us together. Shared faces know who we are; know us as they know the rain falling from the skies; know us as they follow the pavement on the streets.

We should run to greet the smiles of mankind and contemplate in peace our existence through times gone by and those yet to come.

Let me carry my harp and paint for you the music of love and humanity...until the morning wakes you to laugh with her. Let us join together to face human suffering as one and allow happiness and joy to encompass us in unity.

You are the family of mankind; I ask you to come with me on my journey in search of human warmth, to paint from you and for you. As we journey together you will know me and I you.


©Baddor Village Art 08-Sep-2013 18:31